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L’Oreal Youth Code

L’Oreal Youth Code

With time skin takes longer to bounce back, it takes longer to recover. Time leaves a visable imprint, the complection dulls, features look tired.

L’Oreal Paris Youth Boosting DAY Cream 50ml £10.20

Its a luxurious silky texture melts onto the skin enveloping it with intense moisture.

Visible results

– 1 Hour: skin feels smoother, re-hydrated and looks more radiant.

– 1 Week: features appear more rested, skin looks refreshed

– 1 Month: Skin behaves more youthfully, it looks smoother and more radiant


L’Oreal Paris Youth Boosting NIGHT cream 50ml £10.88

Visible results

– 1st Morning: intensely hydrated, skin appears smoother. Complextion is refreshed.

– After 7 nights: skin recovers a smooth, more rested apperance. Signs of fatigue appear reduced.

– After 1 month: skin looks smoother, more youthful and more radiant.


L’oreal Youth Code EYE cream 15ml £10.88

Smoothing action and soft finish. slightly tinted to help illuninate the eye contour area.

Visible results

– 1 Hour: skin feels smoother and rehydrated

– 1 Week: The eye area appears more rested and looks radiant

– 1 Month: Wrinkles, dark circles and under eye bags appear visibly reduced. Skin looks rejuvenated.