Aqua pharmacy offers much more than medicines and cold cures. Everything we do is centered around health and wellbeing because we know there's more to feeling well than just taking the medicine.

Veterinary Products

Britain is well known for being a nation of animal lovers. Thats why here at Aqua we stock those important things not just for you, but your pets’ health too.
Every good pet owner knows the importance of getting their pet wormed and treated for fleas, especially if the family includes small children. This is why we only stock well trusted brands such as Frontline and Drontal that you would find on your local veterinary practice’s shelves. Our friendly team can help decide which product is perfect for you and your four-legged friend.

How many pet owners dread the time when the fireworks come out again? Its very common to have a cat or dog that is anxious around loud noises and fireworks in paticular, but there are things that can help. Remaining calm yourself and giving your pet space will help them to see there is nothing to be afraid of. For those with greater anxiety issues you could try a plug-in diffuser. These release pheremones specific to cats and dogs into the air, which comfort and reassure your pet. It can help them deal with the stressful situation and relax. We stock both Adaptil plug in diffusers (for dogs) and Feliway plug in diffusers (for cats) which will last for up to 30 days, with refills avaliable.

We can also fill veterinary prescriptions on site, just ask your vet to have the prescription to take away. You’ll find us competitively priced and anything you need we can usually get in for the next working day.
Contact us to let us know how we can help you.