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Travel vaccinations, Malaria tablets and travel health advice, including children 1 year and over. We are a registered Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre.
Travel Clinic

Do I need travel vaccinations?

There’s no point spending hours choosing your swimwear, beach bag and flip-flops if you barely think about the bugs and other health risks that could ruin your holiday.

Almost one in four UK holidaymakers don’t get any vaccinations despite travelling to areas that have life-threatening infectious disease. But it’s not worth skipping travel vaccinations. Infectious diseases can make you very sick, spoil your holiday, can cripple and even kill you.

Vaccinations protect you against many travel-related infections, such as Yellow Fever, Typhoid and Hepatitis A. Contact us to learn about travel vaccines, which ones you need for your destination, and when you will need them.

Wether your traveling for business or pleasure, we can vaccinate from 1 year old and over.

Travel Clinic

  • Drop-in* and pre-booked travel clinic consultations available
  • Service available to last minute travellers**
  • Specialist travel clinic pharmacists give up to date advice on your destination and medical conditions
  • On site vaccination service for travellers 1 year and upwards – depending on the vaccination required
  • Yellow fever vaccination IN STOCK
  • Anti-malarial advice and supply for all ages
  • Suitable for all travellers including business, family, single, package and backpacking or trekking
  • Corporate accounts available
  • Off-site travel clinic consultations available for groups
  • Travel accessories including medical and water purifying kits available to purchase

*Please phone to confirm availability  **Subject to requirements


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